Tuesday, September 2, 2008

giving them the freudian flip

this average jo i know is prone to getting his tongue twisted around his emotions. every once in awhile however, this unremarkable male predeliction of his lends him a distinctly fetching turn of phrase. for instance, he is the only young man in my circles to have dashed off "the proposition sounds alluring indeed" while attempting a gentlemanly dismissal to a kind offer of engagement. but the sweatshop he did sign up with has whittled away his elegance and left him with a rather terse manner of expression these days.

which is why, when his boss and the rest of the nincompoops at work finally tested him beyond endurance he just let them have The Finger.

*note: this image is a simulation. the average jo wouldn't be caught dead in public with a home manicure.

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