Sunday, September 7, 2008

no, the dog didn’t eat it

today i had the intensely perverse pleasure of not being able to turn work in for a damn good reason – chunabhatti was struck by lightning last night.

not many people i know would want to live at chunabhatti. they all warned me that it really was the forgotten middle earth it was named after and one of the first places to go under when the monsoons hit mumbai. after i moved here i found everything they had said was absolutely true. chunabhatti feels like a dusty hell pit by the expressway in the summer, a clogged public facility during the rains and the boondocks of connectivity all year round since life whizzes by it on the way to home and work.

but i must tell you, the one thing that can and does put you in a sunny mood about calling this home is the kind of stories you get to tell. what makes it an even sweeter deal is that they too are abso-fucking-lutely true!

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