Wednesday, May 27, 2009

regarding your missed call alerts

the sea of love between us
keeps me from seeing me
the way that i was on the other side with you
it’s not that i have changed, as much
as a change in point of view
it’s not that i love you less
it’s not that love is gone
it is that love is, and that
there’s no more to be done

the sea of love between us
has turned another way
i’ve thought about it long and hard
and what i know today, is
we no longer take bus rides
with no particular part to play
nor anything much to say
knowing less than to necessitate
the out of the way

the sea of love between us
now lies squarely in between
it holds me under house arrest
it’s not that i mean to be mean
it’s an insufficient supply of words
and that i expect
you won’t suspect
my very intention
not after all this conversation

the sea of love between us
holds me deepest in its thrall
when faced with a humble obligation
i’m left feeling humungusly small
and resoundingly speechless
though i hear you tell me
it’s all a mess
it never was
before all this togetherness.

the sea of love between us
its ebb and flow is lost
stolen by a time when
the prohibitive cost
of keeping alive our simple love
let us simply rise above
the price that we must pay
for an ordinary phone call
to make an extra-ordinary day.

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