Sunday, June 14, 2009

welcome to my table

this is to cordially invite you to my newborn food blog

the headless kitchen is the true story of my trials and tribulations in the kitchen. occasionally, you might even find a startling story about a triumph i've managed to pull off (amen). my kitchen gods and godesses will feature mother, my grandmum, my friends, their mums and grandmums, and all the golden hearted people who's appetites i have cruelly toyed with along the way.

i must warn you though, that the distinguishing feature of my food blog is that i am no expert chef or food critic. so while you might optimistically log on to figure out what to make for dinner, all you're likely to find is yet another horror story about mine...but as a bonus, you might just chance upon a bit of ancient wisdom i've managed to ferret out of the fantastic cooks i learn from. i also have a feeling that contrary to food blog norm, there will be few mouthwatering pictures and recipes on mine. looking pretty is difficult in the headless kitchen, especially when most of the cutlery is melamine and the cooking pots bear evil scars that tell of my abuse.

if you still have the stomach visit my table, kind reader, i can promise you just one sterling benefit, that more often than not you'll come away thanking the lord for your own. and though you can never tell why with these things, you might even want to come back to the headless kitchen for more :)


Anonymous said...

Ooh new blog! *goes to check it out*

agent green glass said...

headless kitchen is perfect for me. headless chicken in headless kitchen. going right now.

Sangfroid said...

Whoa! Another blog. I've always wondered how people manage to manage more than one :-P

Checking it out now!!

mentalie said...

hello agent, you are actually part of the inspiration for the headless kitchen ;p
sangfroid: i haven't done it ever before, so i have no idea. but it's fantastic to have two places to just...well, spew in :) welcome to my headless kitchen

slash\\ said...

promise you will have a few maggi recipes too. i'll go then. ;)

mentalie said...

absolutely, maggi recipes are mandatory in the headless kitchen. btw, mocha has a section of their menu dedicated to maggi, slash :)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

yayy ..and i have one too - . we brand strategists, are great minds I tell you.

slash\\ said...

Maggi@Mocha!! Wonder how many ppt slides their brand strategist pulled off. <<**Rushes off to the Mocha right next door to office**>>

mentalie said...

cynic: hey, i just saw your headed to bhajifried right now!

slash\\: well, how was the maggi@mocha??

last word by the acp