Tuesday, August 25, 2009

special kind of stupid

listen, i really think you’re becoming anorexic.

i’m NOT anorexic.

do you chuck up after your meals?

that’s bulimia.

i know, just checking. want a bite of samosa?


i just don’t get it.


i don’t get how you cannot want a bite of samosa.

but i told you, i’m not hungry!

what does it have to do with hunger?

well, my doctor says i have a lazy digestion. so unless i eat five meals a day and exercise for at least an hour a day, my body tends to take it easy and doesn’t bother giving me any cues.

wow! it’s like forgetting to breathe until you go blue in the face and never noticing it unless you look into a mirror! how do you do it?

do what?

develop a lazy digestion.

from what i know of it, you don’t exercise and you don’t eat five meals a day.

oh shut up. i don’t exercise and i eat all the time.

do you poop regularly?

shut up.

ok, forget it. so what does your stomach have to say about the samosa?

it says that it’s wrong that the samosa’s still outside of it.

that’s the thing, see? mine doesn’t even know that’s a samosa. as far as my stomach is concerned, that could have been a brick.

is that so?


uh huh.



...say what?

nothing. that was my stomach calling yours a complete retard.

image credit: sofarri.wordpress.com


Sangfroid said...

Anorexia is bad. Glad that you don't suffer from it :-P

And who can resist a bite of samosa, hungry or otherwise :-)

agent green glass said...

agree wt sangfroid. and if the samosa is from punjab sweet house, with some jalebi on the side, i just went to punjabi pind heaven!

Radhika said...

I am sorry, but I must ask this, how can you not eat that samosa??!

ani_aset said...

but why didn't you eat the samosa :(
how can you refuse a samosa

last word by the acp