Sunday, September 6, 2009

meera ka mohan

he woke up to her face on his pillow, his alabaster goddess. his moorti with a million arms sprawling over the bed, eyes and mouth ajar in sleep, her tongue glinting mysteriously like a moonbeam in the misty morning light. very, very quietly he leaned over and licked. she sighed and rolled away from him. her million arms gathered and disappeared into the curve of her shoulder, into her marble nape, her churning sea of curls. he buried his face in them, slept. those days his dreams smelt of frangipani.

when he wakes up these days, she is gone. at first he buries himself in the pillow, breathing it in, trying to find her again in the slippery memory of his dream. where is she? he looks up, blinks, yawns, stretches and gets out of bed. the house is empty he knows, but he searches anyway. he follows the smell of her around the house. until at last he comes back full circle to the pillow.

if she doesn’t come back, he decides, i will languish here until she does. except while i am eating.

pappoo singh loses his heart to every flatmate of mine. when they move out, he is heart broken. he shrinks into a cocoon world of familiar smelling things – pyjamas, towels, bed clothes, pillows. from this cocoon, every 45 minutes or so, he drags himself to the food bowl and sinks down beside it. he is the picture of tragedy as he attempts to drown himself in whiskas. his belly puddles all over the floor in depression. when i am in the kitchen and he manages to drag himself there, he will sit by the fridge waiting for the chocolateuse to take out her bowl of yogurt like she used to. and every night he has to make do with half of my yogurt instead. along with a compensatory slice of cheese. as you might have observed, he is barely managing to keep body and soul together.

i switched bedrooms after the chocolateuse left. my new flatmates moved into my ex-bedroom and share the chocolateuse’s ex-double bed. they sleep with the door shut. so these evenings i lie in my new bedroom and look at pappoo curled up at my feet with his back pointedly turned to me. nevertheless, i feel special because pappoo hasn't slept within smelling distance of me since the chocolateuse entered the picture. i can feel his disorientation. life has radically changed for him lately. her things are disappearing one by one and daily her smell grows fainter. but since he began sleeping in my bed i always know exactly what he’s dreaming of...

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agent green glass said...

poor poor pappu. when will he learn women are fickle.
maybe i'll drop in and console him some day. smear tonnes of fair and lovely, fatten my calves and hope he' falls in love with me.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

poor pining pappu - you can almost see him drowning is sorrows. the dev d of cats.

mentalie said...

pappoo will never learn, AGG, because pappoo is an idiot. however, i am sure he will be overjoyed if you'd come by to console him...despite your olive skin and skinny ankles! :)

and cynic, you have hit the nail on the head! pappoo is indeed dev d on whiskas. now if only he could work at getting abhay deol's body as well, i'd be set ;p

Sangfroid said...

There is this show on Sony - Dus Ka Dum which I happened to chance upon and there was something in there which might offer some solace to Pappoo.

The question was - "What %age of Indians believe that Bus, Train or Ladki - Once one is gone another will come ?" 55% of people thought so.

Let Pappoo know :-D

Regd. Abhay Deol, guess you could bump into him at some Salsa class. Heard he's enrolled for one along with a certain miss Sonam ;-)

Anonymous said...

Poor baby. ALL women aren't THAT bad though! Tell him to come see me :D

ani_aset said...

feel sad for pappu :(
help him.
God bless pappu, hope he finds her soon

Mathangi said...

Pappu shappu, hrrrmph; poor dear and all how is my Kublai Khan?

mentalie said...

sangfroid, pappoo singh asks me to give you his regards and says to tell you - i know THAT...!

ki...why why WHY can i not read your blog anymore??? :(

ani, pappoo thanks you for your empathy. he says there are two new women living in you never know...!

maddo, the fatty is looking more like a muffin than ever :) want to come by for dessert?

Anonymous said...

I have a NEW blog!

last word by the acp