Tuesday, February 2, 2010

i am less than a week away from flying out to dilli and wondering where to stock up on my cartons of mace, my cast iron chastity belts and a set of matching cast iron corsets that look like this:

image source: www.racheshop.de


Atrisa said...

Haha good luck! I'm headed home (=Dilli) too in 2 months time, full with chastity belts and family. Time to say goodbye to the good life.

The Cloudcutter said...

Careful! This thing could be quite a turn on for someone with a death wish ;-)
Have fun in dilli, am supposed to be there next week too. But may not be able to go.

Meghana Naidu said...

oh you girls(all 3 of you) are so morbid
dilli is a "vary nice place and all"

did you know the last time i was in dilli, a degenerate near the train's toilet door grabbed my ankle and tried to leer up my shorts.

so sweet no?

blunt edges said...

dilli seems like a real fun place! ;)

Sangfroid said...

That's a tough corset :-P
Flying out ... as in for good?

I just came to MUM! Not that it matters, but still :-|

Scattered Thoughts... said...

Nice.. people actually buy these?

Sherry Wasandi said...

Replace with icy sneer, curt speech and a power-dress wardrobe.

Nothing scares 'em off better than a woman who knows her stuff.

Source: 18 years in the city, and counting.

mentalie said...

@atrisa, goodluck to you too with the new job :) dilli used to be home to me once...i'm so happy to call mumbai home now!

@cc, you're right...that corset can be a turn on...! ah well, i guess i'll just have to oblige the fella with the death wish.

@meg, i hope you kissed him back!

@blunt, it goes without saying that any place which makes you think of S&M gear as 'just good sense' must be super fun.

@sangfroid, welcome to mumbai! argh! i miss it already and i'm still here!...and no, am not flying out for good, just for awhile...

@scattered, i totally would if i could...wouldn't you?

@sherry, i'll take your word for it and begin practicing my iciest sneer and curtest tone right away. i am not much of a power dresser though. you think i can make do with biker boots instead?

Anonymous said...

Ah! Thank you! Havta show this post to my Dilli friends! :D **Evil Grin**

Sherry Wasandi said...

Oh yes! Biker boots go exceedingly well with the sneer. Why, you might even add the occasional growl, for added effect.

The fang baring, half-growl, that is. Much is lost in translation otherwise.

Anonymous said...

ooh dilli :D

just look ICE COLD. that ought to scare 'em off. Try not to travel by bus though. If you plan to, try to practice grabbing and TWISTING a guy' balls off.

(No, I did not have a great blueline bus ride today.)

kro said...

i think supermarkets in dilli have started selling mace.
in between the self-help section and womens wear.
i think

mentalie said...

@choco, yes, pls do pass the word around...let it not be said that the men of dilli weren't warned. heh heh!

@sherry, i'll be clear as crystal :)

@ki, i have no plans of travelling by bus whatsoever...though you make it sound like so much fun...hmmm.

@kro, guess what a friend of mine told me - you get mace at dilli's wellness stores!!

Divya said...

That looks insanely awesome :D I'd buy it just because it's so wacky!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

:D. lovely!

R said...

Aaa, I think this is just perfect.

last word by the acp