Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the cat that grew balls out of thin air

this was bella fink-nottle at one month of age. we named her that because she looked like such a royal fatty.

the day we adopted her she got into an alley brawl with a big cat who ripped her belly open from end to end. the dressing the vets put on to keep her innards in place left her suspended in the air and made her legs stick out at odd angles. she looked heartbreaking and i used to visit her everyday while she was at the hospital. she proved to be a real fighter as the days went along. when her dressing came off she was so thrilled that she bounded up to everybody, even the folks who scrubbed out the hole in her middle.

then one day she came tripping up to her cage door when she saw me come in, and bounced right off it with her legs up in the air. what i saw changed things between us forever. she’d gone and got herself some family jewels overnight, that stupid cat!

and if it weren’t for the fact that (s)he’s spent every second of his life since then worshipping the sun that beams out of my bum, i might have never gotten over the let down.

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