Sunday, August 10, 2008

happy birthday, squeaky clean colon

my friend went and got herself a colon flush to bring in her thirtieth today.

her naturopath talked her into this procedure where someone sticks a tube up your rectum and then pumps you full of water repeatedly until your belly feels like turbulent seas and every little speck of accumulated poop is hosed out of your colon so that it sparkles like a diamond. apparently, the accumulation begins from the very first time you begin communing with nature so the amount of debris that gets flushed out is an impressive argument for the colon flush.

it’s an excellent way to get started at anything, getting rid of all the crap. gives turning thirty a completely fresh new spin in my books.

i wish i’d thought of getting her that instead of the silly shoes.


twinkle toes said...

another nice one mentalie : )
finally somebody else who thinks like me. i had considered this only to drop it a few google searches later on account of a supremely informative article erm, 'a shit way to die' that reported cases of death from infection and colon rupture because of an improperly placed enema tube thing. google does have a way of taking the fun out of things.

p.s. can you please change the background colour of your blog to anything that's not black? i mean i don't mind cutting and pasting it in wordpad but really it has got to stop.

Mentalie said...

hello twinkle. before anything else, would you give my love to akshay and tell him he's the sole reason i still have faith in Indian masculinity? that said, i'm working on my blog template and i am very very grateful you read it despite the squinting. i'm a bit of a tech dud and haven't taken you up on your suggestion simply because i can't figure out how to get another quick template that's readable AND un-ugly. the tech squad i employ is useless as you can see, i must go kick some tech ass now.

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