Monday, October 20, 2008

stick 'em up and hand over those dentures

it's been a tame thirty first. i consumed vast potions of south indian party cuisine and most of the devil of a chocolate cake. then i simply keeled over and spent the next few hours passed out on the floor right next to the dining table with my paws up in the air. the rest of my day was exclusively given over to getting my brains fried by the irritatingly coy and supremely evil vodafone network.

nobody accused me of being lesbian this year. which i take as a good, if slightly stolid omen. in fact, the most interesting thing i have to report is that 'happy happy' is what several people said to me today. is that the fashionable way to say 'happy birthday' to the aged these days? it sounds just like a ripe-nosed old geezer pickled in gin. and it worries me that i'm nowhere near that attractive yet...

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