Tuesday, December 30, 2008

lights! camera! curtains!

here's to 2008, the year that never was. i'm staying in with the cats this new year. we'll cuddle up and watch tv. when that gets boring, we'll lie on our backs and contemplate the fan. one of us will come up with the sterling plan of switching off the phone, so i will. and then, perhaps i'd blink, or pappoo will, or kubla. and then...it'll be time to blink again.

in the morning of the 1st i'll wake up with kubla khan's ear in my mouth and pappoo singh cutting off the blood supply to my left leg. in awhile, kubla will begin purring me his morning love songs and pappoo will wake up, shake himself, give me a dirty look, stick his tail up in disgust and pointedly leave the bed.

2009 will be worth it already.

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