Saturday, May 16, 2009

dear john,

this is your love letter
for better
or for worse
as the case might be

it doesn’t matter
don’t you see
the complete redundancy
of examining to extremity
the weight of that random possibility
that you may not after all
love me

my dear, if you must
choose only to trust
the grumble in your gut
that you’d choose me over
for my raging insurgency
and this curious tendency
to be so jarringly me

you have a point there, i see

but my dear, if you must
if only to resettle the dust
helpless with love
subject to lust
abdicate present will
to find out if i love you still
you’ll forgive me
you’ll see

the blinding transparency
with which
i switch
and remain as always,

your Oddest Oddity.

1 comment:

Meghana Naidu said...

i like this
a lot!

should write like this more

last word by the acp