Monday, September 21, 2009

acp pappoo singh takes on most beautiful woman in the world

no, this isn't a routine maneuver, the acp announced at a press conference this weekend to explain his strategic move away from The Chocolateuse’s Pillow. i will be taking a break from office to exhibit my new art project entitled ‘Aishwarya Jaisi Aankhen’ since the law is completely hopeless at resolving matters of the heart.

the acp’s live installation uses the device of an aishwarya rai cushion and the acp himself to challenge contemporary presumptions of ‘true beauty’. through it he intends to expose pin up girls and women in general for the heartless fakes they are.

i am The Cat, i am The Cushion…cat eyed beauty, my foot! – the acp turned artist quipped before signing off for pictures.

*note* ‘Aishwarya Jaisi Aankhen’ will be on display at The Sunny Spot By The Aishwarya Cushion In The Livingroom until further notice.


Supriya said...

did he also by any chance come out of the closet at this press conference? methinks the reporter has missed out on that 'shocking'
(yeah sure, you say)scoop! anyhow these sure are the most 'beautiful' pics of the acp in a long time!

blunt edges said...

lol...must say acp is pretty photogenic!

As the Mind Meanders said...

Oooo... Look at the poise... Aishwarya stands no chance, does she???

mentalie said...

sup! you NEVER comment on my blog and it's about your stupid son half the time! anyway, i gave the acp your compliments and he said, i know. also told him about your enquiries regarding him and the closet and he said, do NOT talk to that momma, that momma bad news!

hello blunt! thank you for coming by my blog :) passed on your compliments to the acp as well and he told me to tell you you look a lot like calvin...

AMM, you are right, she doesn't. also, you are the one person who managed to impress the acp with your comment. congratulations :)

Anupama said...

Pappoo Singh is about two times whiter than Aishwarya is, has real cat-eyes (duh) and has much more poise and elegance (he can hold his own at a press conference and not become an embarrassment like Ash after she decided to laugh on Oprah and tried unsuccessfully to come up with something witty to say) he has got feelings and doesn't go about breaking hearts

Please tell Pappoo Singh if it ever came to that and they didn't have '18 to 25 year old females' as a requirement, the crown would most definitely have been his.

P.S.: Would the ACP mind signing my cushion? I would never get my head off the pillow again I swear

manuscrypts said...

catty!! :]
thanks for dropping in :)

Supriya said...

And this is the thanks I get for making your day by leaving many a comment as ANONYMOUS! I shall now go and sulk in the corner. haha! btw where is the third mother hiding? is she too busy planning the next episode in the comic strip!

Sangfroid said...

LOL!!! Where in the world do they sell Aishwarya Rai cushions :-D

The ACP is kinda cute ;-)

mentalie said...

@anupama, am sre the acp'll sign your cushion. he'll do anything for pr at this point. but i must warn you to never let on that you are such a fan. then he'll just stick his tail up in the air and act pricey!

@manuscrypts, ditto :)

sup, how could i have not known that you were anonymous, tsk! stupid girl i am :) mommy three is off to nippon the last i heard.

@sangfroid, careful before the acp makes a move on you my friend! and aishwarya rai cushions can be ordered to be custom made at :)

Sangfroid said...

I won't mind the move :-) Besides, shall I pass on the delivery address for the cushions :-)

mentalie said...

@sangfroid, the acp insists on hand delivering the cushions after reading your comment. since his intentions are far from respectable i recommend you do not disclose your address at this forum. watch this space for news on how to acquire them...:)

last word by the acp