Friday, September 18, 2009

the l'oreal ad has me convinced that sonam kapoor waxes her shoulders

one of my deepest fears is to unknowingly fall in love with a hairy man. it has terrified me forever – the thought that i might go to sleep with the man i love and wake up with anil. (which is a potent possibility in india as briyanshu reverently points out in his ode to a hairy indian.)

the only time i have come close to wavering on this is the hair styling appointment i spent sitting next to john abraham. i remember initially being blinded by his sheer radiance and then being mortified by the sight of our legs when the stylist told me to look down. john’s legs were wAY smoother than mine. and so were his arms, chest, biceps, shoulders and toes. unlike me, he also had a perfectly manicured, sexy little stubble. i spent the entire appointment brooding about what john, SRK, salman, shahid, aamir, ranbir and all the other bollywood men with silky smooth legs would have to say about me. they’d probably cringe and laugh nervously, heh heh, before they avert their eyes. which would be drawn back and skitter away uncomfortably again - back and forth, inexorably, morbidly.

that haircut left me feeling like a werewolf.

it also made me realize how base and shallow i can be.

ho hum, halleujiah.

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Kokonad said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! :))

I remember seeing some movies of Anil Kapoor when I was a kid - in a scene where he was wearing only pants - one word - BEAR.

agent green glass said...

ha. the trauma we have to endure. then, there are guys in my office who shave their chest and have constant stubbles peeping out from under their shirts.

excuse me, while i throw up.

i would prefer a guy with hair, to a guy with chest stubble. ugly poky bits that would get in my eye when we make out.


Anonymous said...

@AGG: Chest stubble? EWWWWWWW!

Yeah I do get the occassional complex from 'chikna' men like John. And yes, poor poor Sonam Kapoor. She must endure LOTS of pain. :|

Cynic in Wonderland said...

yes metrosexual men suck. its too much effort and pressure. i had a colleague who used to pat oil of olay lovingly on his cheekcs, every time he had to meet a client. needless to say his cheeks were much better moisturized than mine. All these waxers and all - breaks my faith in men rather.

Anupama said...

It'd be weird if I met John or any man of that category in the same circumstances...the next time I saw them on screen I think all I would remember would be a unisex salon! It would take the fun out of watching him fight or ride a macho bike on screen :(

mentalie said...

and yet, kokonad, there was a time when anil could take his shirt off and get paid for it. if you've watched 'welcome' the magnum opus, you'll realize the poor fellow's walking around like a plucked chicken now. you'll also notice that his hairline never ends.

AGG, while i am broadly in agreement with you post the john encounter, i must point out that there is a vast range of men between john and anil. while stubble burn is painful and highly undesirable, so is fuzz that's hair there and everywhere!

ki, they are all chickna in bollywood and the gym these days...! i did some research with 40+ women in delhi and asked them about men's personal care routines today. every single one of them talked about chest waxing. i wonder if their husbands know...

cynic, i know exactly how you feel. i have worked with many men who can discuss spas and styling products until the cows come in. they were always impeccably manicured, pedicured, waxed and threaded as well. which reminds me, i must get my eyebrows done before they grow into bangs.

mentalie said...

anupama...on the contrary, you could end up feeling like a gabru jawan. like you can walk right up to john on your more macho legs and tell him to scoot over to the pillion seat so you can show him how its done!

As the Mind Meanders said...

Whatever happened to the good old man... I guess I am a dinosaur too
:-) said...

waxing shoulders ?

The Fun place.

Anonymous said...

ROFL!!! I feel bad for Sonam now...Never thought about her before...In this regard..And now that I have..I can't stop... :D

ani_aset said...

hehe hey bhagwaan :) Sonam looks manly seriously

Atrisa said...

Yikes. Right on sista! I bear the same fear :|

mentalie said...

AMM, do take a look at my friend nirmal pulickal's blogpost about old fashioned men. you'll find it on my blogroll - championkickah on when men were men :)

and sFunn, if the alternative's hairy shoulders...just shoot me instead! :D

hello choco, how nice of you to drop by :) it's strange abt sonam, isn't it? once anil's shoulders pop into the picture it's impossible to see her without them!

ani, i concur. like, TOTALLY :)

atrisa, so you know exactly what i mean ;p

Meghana Naidu said...

oooooh the picture! the horror! the horror!
the picture!


sheesh you should be put in jail for posting it. now i can never safely hit on a stranger till i've seen him naked

ah well

mentalie said...

@meghana, it is for your own good, young lady!


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