Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the moves of a 34C

it has recently been brought to my notice that the size of one’s chest has little to do with the magnificence of one’s boobage. in fact, i have it on good authority that anyone who possesses a set of ribs, some muscle tone and a working pair of lungs, can perfect the deportment of a 34C. all it takes is the right moves.

exhibit A: years ago, madhuri’s 34Bs (somewhat obviously disguised as bolsters) eloquently emphasized this point with their signature ‘dhak dhak’ move.

exhibit B: in more recent times, skahira’s small and humble 32Bs have set an excellent example. yes, she wears a padded bra as well, but let me ask you this - do you honestly believe your chest would look half as hot as shakira's in the self same bra? no chance. not even if you are a 34C. because it’s not the bra or boobs, you innocent, it’s the moves!

exhibit C: and this is shakeela.

just so we understand and accept that while practice might increase our chances of pulling off a madhuri or shakira - shakeela will always be about 12 inches of cleavage beyond our every move :)

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Cynic in Wonderland said...

There was a rather nice (if crude) term coined by an uncle of mine ( i am not sure he meant for my poor innocent ears to hear em tho) called sofa-cum-bed with reference to shilpa shirodkar. now why on earth did that spring to mind when i saw the last mentioned dame?

Anonymous said...

who IS this shakeela? :O

my 34b suddenly shrunk at the sight of her. :P

Anonymous said...

BTW - i have some lovely lingerie for you... work hard and fast on the moves :) P

Tongue Trip said...

is the last one the south indian version of huma khan from MPK days?
her boobaas are so daunting, bless the man who ...heheheh ok about time i clip my tongue. enjoyed :d

mentalie said...

@cynic, do you remember amitabh's singing 'jiski biwi moti uska bhi bada naam hai, kamre main laga do...kamre mein laga do, gadde ka kya kaam hai!' - i think you'r uncle was being pretty polished in comparison :D

@ki, shakeela is a LEGEND! she eats up little boys for dinner and smothers grown men in her formidable bosom!

@anonymous...who are you! reveal yourself, you pervert!

@tongue, as i was telling ki, shakeela is a LEGEND. and from what i've heard on the grapevine, she's dating/married to a police officer. figures, huh ;p thank you for reading and commenting!

oRange* said...

omg. shakeela can use her cleavage to scare people. horrifying!

Kokonad said...

I am chuckling away to glory here while reading this... heh heh heh heh!
The funniest part is, somehow, I can see a serious discussion going on in a channel like IBN about this issue. :D

agent green glass said...

shakeela. the human booby trap. the only woman to be shot from top angle, always.

ramsub said...

boobage ..... :D

its all about the attitude, though bra size (as also, knowing your correct bra size) can help too, and if you got it, flaunt it :P

The Cloudcutter said...

I read an interview of Shakeela's mom once, in which she revealed the secret of her daughter's full figure - She eats 4 plates of chicken "biriyani" everyday.

And, you have too much time on your hands. Thank god for that!

mentalie said...

@oRange*, you clearly do not have the staunch heart of a mallu man...!

@kokonad, thank you very much for seeing the intellectual possibilities in my post :D

@AGG, :)

@ramsub, i concur :)

@cloudcutter, from what i remember the exact dietary specifications are a chicken biryani made from 1 kg rice and 1 whole chicken - for each meal. it takes work to keep that cleavage in tip top shape, boss :)
and no, i don't even have time to sleep these days...argh!!!

blunt edges said...

hahahahaha :D:D:D

Sangfroid said...

Boobage!!!! You've got some vocabulary :-D

This is a well researched post :-P

I just lost my innocence. I always thought it was the boobs not the moves :-D

ani_aset said...

hehe what made you come up with this analysis mentalie ;)

last word by the acp