Monday, January 25, 2010

you’ll meet them at every traffic signal today

you might be driving to work, or on your way to college, or heading back home, or going out with your friends.

they’ll be the bright little faces that pop up at your window, smiling and waving their bouquets of tricolour flags and badges at you.

maybe you’ll smile back and buy one. then again, maybe you won’t.

after all, what’s the point of buying the tricolour token once you’re past the mandatory flag hoisting ceremonies at school?

most of us are too busy chasing our dreams and ambitions these days to do anything more than heave a sigh of relief and sleep in on the 26th of January.

but those bright little flag sellers will still be on the street struggling to make ends meet the day after tomorrow…and the day after…and the day after that...

unless you decide to do something truly patriotic for their future and for the future of our nation this time, on republic day.

you can start by donating rs 700 to the School=Lunch program.

every single one of us who donates rs 700 ensures that one underprivileged child gets one hot meal every day for an entire school year.

one hot meal. For which the parent sacrifices sending their little one to sell you flags and flowers, or to wipe your car at the traffic signals...which has the power to bring that child to school every day!

so please pledge your rs 700 right away.

1. you can use the internet payment gateway at 
2. you can call 022 40366866. they'll guide you through the payment options. 
3. you can draw a cheque in favour of 'iskcon food relief foundation' and mail it to:
nanha munna rahi hoon, iskcon food relief foundation, 19 jaywant industrial premises, 63 tardeo road, mumbai 400 034. 
if you are in mumbai, you can call seema at 982084245 to have your cheque picked up. 
if you are near bandra, you can drop your cheque at the 'rickshaw' office between 10am and 7pm. in case thflat 102, dheeraj grand, 15th road, bandra west (the lane between mini punjab and bombay blues. landmark: shaibaan restaurant at the start of the lane)ey are out, please slip the cheque under the door. their address is:

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blunt edges said...

its wonderful that u are promoting something like this :)

last word by the acp