Tuesday, February 16, 2010

oooh, pramod muthalik must’ve peed his pink panties!

just look at that ugly mug.

don’t miss the beady eyes, that cunning smile, the heavy air of slime and power that hangs about him.

take look at that picture again. 

doesn’t he make the cops look cute? i’ll bet he had them for breakfast right after the photo shoot.

did you hear about how they invited him to a debate on valentine’s day? did it remind you of the good old school days too? so sweet, na?

jokes apart, this is the face of a man who spreads hate and horror for a living. i wonder what he'll come up with when he gets sick of all the heckling.

image source: www.outlookindia.com


Scattered Thoughts... said...

//doesn’t he make the cops look cute?//

You bet..

//i wonder what he'll come up with when he gets sick of all the heckling..//

dont think that will happen in this life..once an asshole always an asshole

Flickering Cursor said...

wet pink khadi panties... my mind-eyes are bleeding.

soin said...

i hope this guy joins thack grp..will be fun.free

Anupama said...

I had never seen this guy's face earlier but now that I think about it, he reminds me of one of those remote cousins of one's grandfather who have been too fanatically morally upright for their own good all their life and ask you uncomfortable questions everytime they're around...he gives me the creeps

Atrisa said...

All he needs is a paan to paint the town red on Valentine's day.

This is that said...

Ooh ya..just looks at him..I love it..he makes the cops look cute hahahahahaha

Atrisa said...

Look at his head! He looks right out of a Laxman comic :P

blunt edges said...

a sick man that!

ani_aset said...

me loved the whole blacken-muthalik-face-episode can we have him tied up on one fine day where all girls can just go and work on his complexion? would be serious fun

last word by the acp