Saturday, April 3, 2010

weekend nookie

many years ago, when i was a young tomboy with nothing much on my mind other than which tree to climb and conquer next, i saw a song on tv that changed me forever.

in the days when famous five, he-man and chitrahar summed up the entire gamut of my tv habit, DD aired the grammies once a year. this was a much anticipated event back then. spectacular simply because there was no competition, this was IT. the solitary window to what was happening in the world of pop. a thrilling taste of what would feature in that years ‘best of grammies’ tape. then an entire year to kill again on chitrahar and the scintillating adventures of the famous five and he-man.

maybe that’s why it took my breath away, that song.

or maybe it was just time for me to fall in love for the very first time. 

here it is folks, paul mccartney singing ‘love me do’ (and man, did i ever!):

while my mother insists that kumar gaurav was the first guy i fell for at age five, thankfully, i have no memory of it. however, i distinctly and viscerally remember the feeling of losing my heart to paul singing this song. it felt exactly like having my guts ripped out, and it defined the sensation of falling in love for me ever since. 

i watched ‘across the universe’ today for breakfast, then again for lunch. the beatles seem to have come flooding back at me with a vengeance thanks to my kind friend R’s diligent attentions. 

so here i am, gutted again.

damn me, what a fantastic beginning to a gloriously love struck weekend :)


Atrisa said...

I don't have much to say about McCartney but I do share the feeling regarding the Grammy's. I have been waking up at 6:30am without fail for the past 8-9 yrs to catch it live :)

Psst, my first crush was Govinda. In my defense it was during early 90s Neelam days when he used to be the angry young man of sorts ;)

Product Junkie said...

A few weekends ago, i got myself the OPEN magazine and spent the early part of my Sunday reading.

The rest was spent getting lost in the many Beatles songs.

Read this, you'll know why

NIM said...

oh i really do love that song though i'm not a McCartney fan.The Beatles together were legendary :)

Anupama said...

It is so nice to read from you after all this while...hope you got a breather and don't have to go underwater for long again...

But oh yes, Paul McCartney and Beatles memories...what a nice start to the weekend :) Have a good one Mentalie and enjoy being in love all over again!

mentalie said...

@atrisa, govinda was an angry young man? dude, i entirely missed that phase. i, erm, still have a huge crush on him. and chunky pandey. and salman khan.

@product junkie, thank you, loved that piece.

@NIM, so was lennon :)

@anupama, here's some beatles for you too (courtesy product junkie):

blunt edges said...

wishing u a happy romantic easter weekend :)

mentalie said...

@blunt, ditto to you, my friend :)

soin said...

somehow never warmed to them.a few popular ones ok.they are too slow for my liking.but across the universe was

Anupama said...

Absolutely loved the story of the Beatles! Thanks for this, both Mentalie and Product Junkie :)

R said...

Wait. I am so thrilled to find a mention here!

Anything for Beatles. Beatles for world domination!
(Paul McCartney is still the better Beatle, accept it.)

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