Wednesday, February 24, 2010

coffee, tea, or me

he woke up to her
curled into his shoulder
her face so close
he could breathe her in
she was awake
watching him
(this was new
but he never thought about it)
he kissed her
his sweet lips unsuspecting
held her closer
then he got out of bed
came down to breakfast
expecting the usual

i am leaving you
she said

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blunt edges said...

n he heaved a sigh of relief! ;)

Arslan said...

LOL@blunt edges' comment!! :D

Anupama said...

Woah! Loved the title and how it all comes back at the twist in the end!

soin said...

so we should just kiss a girl without brushing to get rid of her?
lol @blunt

eveline said...

What a great post. I think it would be sad to simplify anything, really.

Notmanish said...

Hehe...bad breath can cause breakups for sure! He did not learn, he missed the brushing part again when he showered, shaved, dressed! ;)

R said...

Is it just me or this forms a fantastic graphic piece in my head?

Love it, love it.

mentalie said...

@blunt, not quite what i was thinking...but it's possible ;)

@arslan, blunt sends hugs and kisses!

@anupama, thank you, my dear. life's like that sometimes.

soin, you should know! peace ;)

@eve, thank you and i agree.

@notmanish, you nit picker, careful before my mother marries you!

@R, draw it, draw it!

Ashley said...

Whoa! Deep... Sad... Very well told!
And then..I read Blunt Edges' comment! lol:)

You have a lovely blog. Will browse through it more sometime! :)

mentalie said...

thank you for coming by @ashley. blunt kind of took the edge off it, didn't he ;) heh.

The Cloudcutter said...

It's weird. Two people watching one movie, the same movie. But one sees the end credits rolling while the other is still waiting for the intermission to end.

Kavitha said...

Dark! And I love it :-)

Makes me miss the stuff I used to write at You might appreciate that kind of writing :D

Saltwater Blues said...

LOL ... I'm with blunt edges on this!

Sangfroid said...

You :D

Good one!

Atrisa said...

@Cloudcutter - :) That was superbly put.

@ Mentalie - "It was for the best, she was never worth you", friends would say. Don't you hate em all?

mentalie said...

@cloudcutter, that was exactly what i wanted to say, only better!

@juggler, thank you, i'll certainly go read thoughtsafari and i'm sure i'll love it. will keep you posted.

@swb, i knew that ;)

@sangfroid, thank you, but to quote shaggy's immortal line - it wasn't me!

@atrisa, yes, it is the kind of dutiful line that we've all heard at some point...!

The Cloudcutter said...

No way, mine was just the client's brief. You rolled out the perfect copy ;-) But thank you and Atrisa for being so nice!

mentalie said...

oooh, CC, you advertising jargonista! like i've said before, you're the one who's too nice :)

ani_aset said...

now this was awesome..i do that many times in my 55ers but i never thought one can do that in a poem..superb :)

last word by the acp